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Groups and research lines

Research groups at the Department of Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory

Applied Acoustics Group:

-Conference contributions
-R & D contracts
-R & D projects financed by call for tender: BIA2007- 68098-C02-01 project

Acquisition and Signal Processing Group
Stellar Astrophysics Group
Astronomy and Astrophysics Group
Automation, Robotics and Artificial Vision Group 
Control, Engineering Systems and Data Transmission Group 
Medical Physics Group
Holography and Optical Processing Group 
Signals, Systems and Telecommunication Group

Lines of research in the Department of Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory

Architectural Acoustics
Forensic Acoustics
Environmental Acoustics
Geophysical Data Input and Processing 
Imaging Radar Algorithms
Signal Nonlinear Algorithms Processing
Data Optical Processing and Storage  
Space Astronomy
Industrial Processing Control 
Remote Processing Control
Star Astrophysical Parameters Determination
Design, Production and Evaluation of Holographic Optical Elements
Acoustic Dosimetry
Holographic Recording Materials Analysis and Optimisation  
Galactic Structure
Data Transport Configuration Evaluation and Optimisation 
Stellar Evolution
Universe Structure Formation and Evolution through Computer Simulations
Numerical Methods for Electromagnetism
Seismic and Geophysical Signal Processing
Real-time Control Systems
Electronic Systems for Remote Processing Control
Optimal and Adaptive Filtering Techniques
Modelling and Simulation Techniques of Dynamic Systems
Remote Microwave Sensors
Stellar Winds
Artificial Vision



Department of Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory

Dpto. de Física, Ingeniería de Sistemas y Teoría de la Señal
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